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The Renewable Natural Gas Market Is Big and Becoming Huge

The Renewable Natural Gas Market Is Big and Becoming Huge

Is Your Company Tapping Into It


The renewable natural gas industry is burgeoning, with every project financing source, from the federal government, to Wall Street, to pensions funds, etc., handing out huge sums of money.

Example: UGI, the Wyomissing, Pa.-based energy products and services distributor-marketer, has announced $450 million in investments, primarily in RNG projects, in a number of states including Ohio, Kentucky, New York, Idaho and South Dakota.

MarketWatch reports the global RNG market size was worth $8.09 billion in 2022, but will skyrocket to $72.13 billion in 2028.

Today, smaller companies are looking at whether or not they should get involved with RNG, to jump on the proverbial train which is only gaining speed.

One must to help make up your mind is to attend the Appalachian RNG Conference 2023, which will allow you to learn more about the industry’s needs, growth, etc., by listening to and talking with industry experts.

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, The first-movers will experience strong growth for years to come,” commented Tom Gellrich, CEO & Founder, H2-CCS Network.

The one-day conference is scheduled for April 19, at the Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe, south of Pittsburgh. The program is produced by Shale Directories and the H2-CCS Network.

Fewer than two decades ago, in the Mid-Atlantic States, the topic of conversation, what companies were trying to get their arms around, was how their companies could do business with firms drilling for (primarily) natural gas in shale plays.

Construction companies, landscapers, road builders, tarp distributors knew little about Marcellus and Utica? Shale plays, but they were prescient enough to see something big was coming.

So equipment and service providers adapted their business operations to the needs of their new customers. And thrived.

Now, adapting one’s O&G-related operations to the RNG industry’s needs is under discussion. Experts state O&G professionals that have worked in project management, engineering, construction, finance, or operations are most likely to have the skills needed to work in RNG, renewable energy in general.

“For companies working the O&G industry, this a natural extension of their experience and skills,” Gellrich added.

Look at a landfill gas system, one of the many ways biogas, RNG, can be produced. In all three phases of the process, including gas collection, gas control and processing, and gas utilization, there is a need for steel fabricators, pipe makers and pipeline layers, among other equipment suppliers.

Currently, the biggest provider today of produced RNG begins with dairy farm manure. Here, a manure “lagoon” or an anaerobic digester traps escaping methane, with solids returned to the farmer’s fields and a pipeline carries the captured methane to some form of handling system to collect and treat the biogas.

Again, construction companies, pipeline fabricators and installers, landscapers, pollution control firms, among others, are needed to put the process together.