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The Midwest RNG Conference Will Provide Funding Insights

The RNG Funding Rush Is On


The Midwest RNG Conference Will Provide Funding Insights


The federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) legislation has caused more than a stir in all facets of the renewables energy industry, including Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

With literally billions of dollars available via loans, grants, etc., and funding application deadlines rapidly approaching, project developers are now scrambling to finish the paperwork to claim big money.

“It’s a mad rush for project developers hoping to get funding,” according to Jeff VanVoorhis, Vice President of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) & the Renewable Energy Group at Mead & Hunt. As one of the largest architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms in the US, Mead & Hunt provides pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, power our future, and help clients meet their sustainability goals.

VanVoorhis, who is based in Milwaukee but helps develop projects throughout the country, will provide his RNG perspective on June 13, speaking at the first Midwest RNG Conference – Summer 2024, at the Sonesta Milwaukee West Wauwatosa.

The all-day program is produced by the RNG Directory and Shale Directories.

VanVoorhis, a hands-on executive, believes in getting out in the field, and dirtying his boots alongside project teams, regulators, politicians, and other participants to understand each group’s concerns regardless of whether the RNG source originates from animal waste, food waste, landfills or wastewater.

“We are honored to have such a high-profile RNG executive like Jeff to provide us with insights from his years of industry expertise at our conference,” stated Tom Gellrich, CEO and Founder RNG Directory.

“I live in a rental car,” VanVoorhis said half-jokingly. “But, to truly best serve our clients and the project, you must be out in the field. Each has unique traits that cannot adequately be dealt with sitting in an office or over the phone.”

As a renewables veteran, Jeff foresees RNG usage to further increase into the future. He anticipates the IRA will be a key factor for the continued development of RNG-related projects.

However, VanVoorhis indicates an event occurring this fall could have a major impact on RNG projects, and indeed, all renewables.

“With the presidential and other elections this November, we could have a big needle swing concerning available funding for current and future RNG projects depending on which political party comes out on top and their particular agenda,” according to VanVoorhis.

“It’s wise to now plan your approach to RNG opportunities for either outcome, then see how things look after the election and proceed with your best courses of action.”


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