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Shale Directories and H2-CCS Network Launch First RNG Directory

Shale Directories and H2-CCS Network Launch First RNG Directory

Directory Connects RNG Businesses


Joe Barone, Shale Directories founder and President, and Tom Gellrich, founder and CEO of the H2-CCS Network created the first Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Directory to serve the rapidly growing RNG market.

They realize the RNG market looks similar to the fledging shale play business 15 years ago, but it will be much bigger and grow faster.  There are no downsides to RNG.

The shale phenomenon was isolated to a few states.  The RNG market will be significant in 30 of the 50 states which is why a RNG Directory is critical to this industry – many more players in many more places.   Companies want one place to go to find equipment and service suppliers to move their business forward.

Barone and Gellrich realize the Renewable Natural Gas “Phenomenon” looks similar to a fledgling shale business roughly 15 years ago, as industry players scrambled to find the local equipment and service suppliers needed to move the business forward.

The RNG Directory offers its members a jump start in the RNG market, allowing members to connect with other member listings, post RNG industry blogs, advertise in its weekly RNG Directory Newsletter, and to sponsor and attend RNG Directory regional RNG conferences throughout the country.

The scope of opportunity involving RNG is staggering. The U.S. EPA reports the U.S. has 3,000 active landfills, while US Farm Data states the country has more than 200,000 dairy farms. That is just the tip of the RNG iceberg.

“There is plenty of opportunity for ‘mining’ these sources of natural gas,” said Tom Gellrich founder and CEO of RNG Directory. “RNG opportunities exist across the U.S., from rural farms to inner-city food purveyors” commented Gellrich.  He further added, “The monthly consulting we provide to member is invaluable.  It truly keeps members ahead of the curve.”

For example, member listings enable companies to provide extensive information about their expertise in serving the RNG industry – farms, landfills, and food waste centers.

To further indicate the significance of RNG, Platts, a leading independent provider of information, analysis, data and benchmark prices for commodities, energy and energy transition markets, recently announced the launch of first-of-type daily Platts North America Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) price assessments.

The product’s aim is to bring price transparency to the emerging RNG market, according to Platts.

According to Platts’ sibling company S&P Global Commodity Insights’ planning scenario forecasts, RNG supply will grow threefold to 2030, and as much as fivefold, according to its more ambitious Fast Transition outlook to 2050.

About RNG Directory

Founded in 2023, RNG Directory i is the first RNG Directory servicing RNG markets throughout the U.S. with its directory, blog listings, newsletter, and conferences.

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