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RNG Consumption and Bi-Partisan Government Support Are Driving RNG Growth

RNG Consumption and Bi-Partisan Government Support Are Driving RNG Growth


The RNG growth in the U.S. is expanding beyond even the most bullish forecasts. It will realize 45% compound annual growth for the next five-years.  Few if any industries will experience this type of growth in the next five years.


The speakers at the Appalachian RNG Conference on April 18, 2024 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe/Pittsburgh will educate businesses how to tap into this rapidly growing RNG industry


Greater RNG Consumption – Transportation and Electricity


The transportation industry is switching to RNG faster than anyone anticipated.  RNG has now surpassed Compressed Natural Gas usage in the transportation.  Transportation companies want to wean their operations off diesel fuel.  With the increased production and expanding availability in service stations, RNG is certainly the answer for transportation companies facing greater state and federal pressure to reduce diesel fuel usage.


RNG is now sold in the natural gas distribution system via 17 of the largest and most successful utilities in the U.S.  These utilizes represent 46% of all U.S. natural gas sold.


Bi-Partisan Government Support


RNG continues to be in the spotlight for state and federal incentives with bi-partisan support:


  • Federal $1/gallon in transportation proposed tax credit
  • Florida fee on natural gas to fund RNG connections
  • Oregon fuel standards that provide RNG direct tax credits


This bi-partisan support will continue because both sides of the aisle know RNG is the most effect way to reduce methane in the atmosphere.


“With increasing consumption and broad bi-partisan support, companies attending our Appalachian RNG Conference will see the unfolding opportunities which RNG presents,” stated Tom Gellrich, CEO & Founder, RNG Directory.