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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): The 10-Year Business Plan

RNG.  The 10-Year Business Plan


Every industry experiences cycle of ups and downs, however, there is now one exception RNG.  This industry is the exception because it’s beginning to solve a major climate issue – removing methane from the air.  The RNG process removes methane from manure and the waste in landfills and converts into clean natural gas for the grid and/or CNG/RNG diesel for trucks.


Major sources of methane are dairy cows, swine, chicken and landfills both of which will be with a us for a very long time.  The biggest opportunities in RNG are in 11 states which account 50% of the market and 30 states account for 90% of the market.   The are over 200,000 dairy farms and only very few have RNG facilities and the RNG penetration is similar to landfills of which there are 3,000 in the U.S.


RNG Funding – ESG Funds and U.S. Government


Billions of dollars are sitting in ESG funds.  Many of the funds are looking for green projects.  An RNG facility certainly meets these requirements.  In addition to generating CNG/RNG for the grid and diesel vehicles, RNG facilities generate the all important carbon credits which are very appealing to Wall Street firms along with many corporations with very large carbon footprints.


How to Tap into the Booming RNG Market


The Appalachian RNG Conference on April 19, 2023 at the Hilton Garden at Southpointe/Pittsburg will provide a comprehensive look at the market with speakers from many of the industries’ leading companies which include:

  • UGI Energy Services
  • WM (Waste Management)
  • EcoEngineers
  • Northern Biogass
  • Nacelle Solutions
  • Valtronics/Mustang Sampling
  • U.S. Gain
  • Global Common


“There will be numerous representatives from these companies available for networking.  Their insights will identify the opportunities unfolding in this dynamic growth market,” stated Tom Gellrich, CEO & Founder, H2 CCS Network.