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Is RNG the Answer to O&G Production Budget Cuts? | Appa RNG Conference

Is RNG the Answer to O&G Production Budget Cuts?


RNG Is Booming!


The falling natural gas prices have resulted in significant production budgets cuts by a number of O&G companies.  The field service companies are seeing their work reduced anywhere from 40% to 70%.  In this era where it’s hard to find workers, companies are faced with the challenge of finding work so they do not have layoff some of their best works.


The Answer Could Be RNG


Newly-released data from the American Biogas Council (ABC) indicates that 2023 was the third year of record growth across the U.S. biogas industry,[1] with nearly 100 new projects coming online last year— representing $1.8 billion in capital investments. ABC expects this growth to continue into 2024, with more than 100 new projects already projected to go into operation this year.


In 2023, 96 new biogas projects became operational in the U.S., pushing the total number of active U.S. biogas projects to 2,251, which represents $39 billion in capital investment.


Where to Learn About RNG Opportunities?


The Appalachian RNG Conference on April 18, 2024 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe/Pittsburgh could be provide answers for companies looking to expand into RNG. Companies working in the O&G industry can learn that about 89% of their O&G capabilities can be transferred to RNG.


“Companies working O&G will find RNG a rapidly growing market that leverage their skill sets,” stated Tom Gellrich, CEO and Founder, H2-CCS Network.  “We are just at the start of the RNG build out, there are years of growth ahead,” Gellrich added.


The Appalachian RNG Conference will provide attendees with the latest and best information on RNG developments from nationally recognized RNG experts – Virginia Weis, Renewable Energy Program Advisor, Dominion Energy, Gus Simmon, CIO, Director of Bioenergy, Cavanaugh & Associates, Ken Thompson, Founder and President, Valtronics/Mustang Sampling, and Dave Lindenmuth, Managing Director, Renewable Natural Gas Services, EcoEngineers.