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ECI Recognizes RNG Opportunities

ECI Recognizes RNG Opportunities

Its ability to quickly adjust to industry changes and even pivot into new industries when warranted has made Equipment & Controls, Inc. (ECI) a leader in the industrial automation and process control business in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, western Maryland, and Ohio.

A long-time player in the oil and gas industries, ECI never lost a proverbial step when O&G went from shallow wells and relatively low pressures to deep high-pressure wells and all the challenges drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays provides.

“Pressures and flow rates in shallow wells were manageable and not every exciting,” said Jim Neville, ECI’s Vice President of O&G. “Then came the Marcellus and Utica, presenting much higher pressures and the need for reliable pressure management.”

Now, Lawrence, PA-based ECI is moving rapidly into offering its numerous services in the Renewable Natural Gas arena. ECI is an Emerson Impact Partner and can deliver diversified product and technology solutions and engineering expertise.

ECI is a major sponsor of the upcoming Appalachian RNG Conference on April 18, 2024 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Soutpointe/Pittsburgh.  “We have found the Appalachian RNG Conference as a very worthwhile event to learn about the latest developments in RNG as well as make some good contacts,” stated Neville.

With the federal government offering significant tax incentives which, in turn, brings more investors in RNG, Neville said it only makes sense for ECI to offer its expertise to fledgling and experienced players.

“You look at RNG, it’s a hydrocarbon fuel that’s readily available, and to produce the product, you need the best flow and pressure management technologies,” Neville said.

One solution ECI offers its customers, including RNG industry participants, is known as Skid Technologies. This ECI team develops and builds process control skids in its own facility and owns each skid project – delivering a complete, ready-to-install solution.

Neville said skids address a range of applications including pressure regulation, metering, O&G operations, lease automatic custody transfer, truck loading/ unloading, and water treatment/purification.

“We fabricate the skid, install the customer’s needed equipment, offer startup services and then service the equipment,” according to Neville. “The customers love it.”