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Dominion Energy to Speak at the Southeast RNG Conference

Dominion Energy, a Leader in the RNG Industry to Speak at the Southeast RNG Conference

When clean energy giant, Dominion Energy, determined that it would go all-in on renewable natural gas (RNG), the business development team, including Zach Chapin, manager of operations and marketing, along with other talented team members, were eager to take the lead.

Thanks to RNG’s enormous potential and the work the team, Dominion Energy’s commitment to RNG development has only grown. One of the major accomplishments has been nationwide partnerships with hog and dairy producers, currently two of the largest RNG partnerships in the U.S.

RNG is produced by capturing methane emissions when organic matter, like hog waste, decomposes. It’s a proven waste-to-energy stream that reduces emissions, provides renewable energy for consumers and an additional revenue stream for farmers.

Not surprisingly, RNG is in high demand in the transportation and utility industries to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint through offsets or the sale of attributes fueled in part by RNG usage and procurement mandates.

“RNG is renewable, reliable, sustainable and the most environmentally friendly fuel source available – with an abundant supply,” said Chapin. “The climate benefits are unmistakable. RNG demand is expected to continue its strong growth moving forward.”

Chapin is one of numerous RNG experts making presentations at the first-ever Southeast RNG Conference 2023, produced by the RNG Directory and Shale Directories. The one-day program will be held at the Hilton Charlotte Airport Hotel on Oct. 4.

“Having an industry leader in RNG, such as Dominion, present their RNG strategy is inspiring to our conference attendees”, said Tom Gellrich CEO RNG Directory, “Dominion is a critical player in the rapid buildout of the Southeast, one of the fastest growing RNG regions in the US.”

Visit the Southeast RNG Conference website to register to hear Chapin and other industry leaders.

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