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Amp Americas Starts Building RNG Facility at Wisconsin Dairy

Amp Americas says it has begun construction on a dairy renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Darlington, Wis., about 60 miles southwest of Madison in Lafayette County, at Darlington Ridge Farms LLC.

The new project is expected to capture dairy waste from approximately 4,000 cows and to convert approximately 90,000 gallons of dairy waste per day, resulting in an anticipated carbon reduction impact of over 27,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent per year.

During the peak construction phase, the project is expected to employ 40 people, and the company expects to add two permanent full-time jobs when the project goes online in mid-2023. Amp Americas will operate the facility, leveraging its 11 years of unique experience, expertise and leadership in dairy biogas-to-RNG operations, the company says.

“The DiGangis are top notch dairy operators, and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with family-run businesses that share our dedication to sustainability,” says Grant Zimmerman, CEO at Amp Americas. “Dairy-based carbon-negative RNG promotes energy independence, combats climate change and provides well-paying jobs in rural communities.”

The facility will utilize a continuous stir tank reactor (CSTR) anaerobic digester, where the dairy waste will be delivered and broken down into methane. The methane will be captured, purified and compressed into RNG, which will be injected into the Alliant Energy natural gas pipeline to be used as a transportation fuel.

Along with two RNG projects in Indiana and others in Minnesota and Idaho, Amp Americas operates a portfolio of dairy digester projects, including four of the largest dairy biogas-to-transportation fuel projects in the country. In 2023, Amp Americas expects to produce over 12 million GGE of RNG from its portfolio and 9 million kWh of electricity.