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RNG Conferences is the top choice for organizations looking to promote their conferences to a wide audience of industry professionals from the oil and gas industry.

The Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) market has been a low-profile market for the last ten years. Climate change laws, Wall Street’s ESG funds, DOE, EPA, and State tax credits, grants, and loans are fueling explosive growth estimated at 44% CAGR through 2028. RNG has come of age, and is the hot market. It is the market with no downside, converting waste into sustainable carbon-negative fuel.

Where do companies get RNG market information and make contact with companies working in this sector? Conferences are usually at the top of the list. The goal of the RNG Conferences website is to provide the most comprehensive list of RNG conferences happening in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

This RNG Conference website has been created by Shale Directories and H2 CCS Network. These organizations have been producing oil and gas industry conferences since 2012. They have created the RNG Conferences website because of the explosive growth and interest in RNG.  


RNG Conferences offers several packages with which you can promote your conferences.


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  • Listing includes conference title, date, location and link to event.


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  • Listing includes conference title, date, location, conference logo, 50-word description and link to event.


$ 2,500
  • Listing includes conference title, date, location, conference logo, 2,000-word description, three (3) photos (for speakers, venue, displays, etc.) and link to event.

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As organic matter decomposes, it gives off primarily natural gas – methane and carbon dioxide. Large sources of decomposing matter include landfills, livestock (cattle, dairy, pig and chicken) farms, wastewater treatment plants and variety of farming and forestry sectors.

The methane generated by decomposition traditionally is allowed to leak into the atmosphere. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas with warming potential 25–34 times greater than carbon dioxide, according to University of Utah data. Avoidance of methane emissions gives RNG a negative carbon intensity. A fuel with no downsides.

An Industry Research report, released earlier this year forecasts RNG growth at a CAGR of 44%. Major oil and gas companies such as BP are jumping into the industry. The EPA has provided these illustrations the offer a great visual for understanding the basics of RNG.

Images courtesy of the EPA